Premium (Pupils)

Impact of the Pupil Premium grant

  • A wide range of data is used – achievement data, pupils’ work, observations, learning walks, case studies, and staff, parent’s and pupil’s voices
  • Assessment Data is collected half termly so that the impact of interventions can be monitored regularly
  • Assessments are closely moderated to ensure they are accurate
  • Teaching staff and support staff attend and contribute to pupil progress meetings each half term
  • Regular feedback about performance is given to children and parents
  • Interventions are adapted or changed if they are not working
  • A governor, Mrs Barnwell, is responsible for monitoring the impact of the pupil premium and does so through termly data review meetigs with the Deputy Headteacher/Head of Teaching and Learning.  The governor Curriculum Committee also monitors the impact of the grant termly.

We also use our in house data tracking system (Pupil Asset) alongside SATs & Phonics test results to monitor and judge the impact upon attainment and progress.

Barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school:

  • Low attainment on entry to the school
  • Low aspirations
  • Poor attitudes to learning
  • Ruralisation and high local unemployment


Based on the spending of the previous funding years money, this year the money is being spent on:

Pupil Premium Grant 2018 - 2019 = £10,560
Staffing - Teaching£0
Staffing - Support£7,181.251 - 1 curriculum intervention
Resources£50Pupil support, uniform etc.
Specialist Equipment£0
Professional Services£250Speech and Language
Trips£500Residential and day trips
Other£1,000Music lessons and enrichment activities
Balance B/fwd 2018 - 2019£4,569.25
Balance C/fwd 2019 - 2020£6,148
2018-2019 AttainmentPupils eligible for PP All Pupils in CohortAll Pupils (national average)
% achieving Good Level of Development0%25%72%
% achieving expected standard in Year 1 phonicsN/A100%82%
% achieving expected standard in Year 2 phonics retakesN/A100%93%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 readingN/A71%75%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 writingN/A71%69%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 mathsN/A100%76%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 RWMN/A71%65%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 reading100%80%73%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 writing100%60%78%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 maths0%60%79%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 RWM0%40%65%
2018 -2019 Progress KS1 to KS2Eligible for Pupil PremiumAll Pupils
Reading 00
Writing -03.70
Maths -11.00
Summary Information for Current Year
Number of Pupils Eligible for Pupil Premium Total Pupil Premium budget Date of most recent Pupil Premium reviewDate of next Pupil Premium review
7 (21.2%)£9,240April 19April 20