Premium (Pupils)

Impact of the Pupil Premium grant

  • A wide range of data is used – achievement data, pupils’ work, observations, learning walks, case studies, and staff, parent’s and pupil’s voices
  • Assessment Data is collected half termly so that the impact of interventions can be monitored regularly
  • Assessments are closely moderated to ensure they are accurate
  • Teaching staff and support staff attend and contribute to pupil progress meetings each half term
  • Regular feedback about performance is given to children and parents
  • Interventions are adapted or changed if they are not working
  • Two governors, Mrs Barnwell and Mrs Daley, are responsible for monitoring the impact of the pupil premium and do so through termly data review meetigs with the Deputy Headteacher/Head of Teaching and Learning.  The governor Curriculum Committee also monitors the impact of the grant termly.

We also use our in house data tracking system (Pupil Asset) alongside SATs & Phonics test results to monitor and judge the impact upon attainment and progress.


Based on the spending of the previous funding years money, this year the money is being spent on:

Pupil Premium Grant 2018 - 2019 = £10,560
Staffing - Teaching£0
Staffing - Support£7,181.251 - 1 curriculum intervention
Resources£50Pupil support, uniform etc.
Specialist Equipment£0
Professional Services£250Speech and Language
Trips£500Residential and day trips
Other£1,000Music lessons and enrichment activities
Balance B/fwd 2018 - 2019£4,569.25
Balance C/fwd 2019 - 2020£6,148
2018-2019 AttainmentPupils eligible for PP All Pupils in CohortAll Pupils (national average)
% achieving Good Level of Development0%25%72%
% achieving expected standard in Year 1 phonicsN/A100%82%
% achieving expected standard in Year 2 phonics retakesN/A100%93%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 readingN/A71%75%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 writingN/A71%69%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 mathsN/A100%76%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS1 RWMN/A71%65%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 reading100%80%73%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 writing100%60%78%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 maths0%60%79%
% achieving expected or above in end of KS2 RWM0%40%65%
2018 -2019 Progress KS1 to KS2Eligible for Pupil PremiumAll Pupils
Reading 00
Writing -03.70
Maths -11.00
Summary Information for Current Year
Number of Pupils Eligible for Pupil Premium Total Pupil Premium budget Date of most recent Pupil Premium reviewDate of next Pupil Premium review
7 (21.2%)£9,240April 19April 20

Barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at the school:

  • Low attainment on entry to the school
  • Low aspirations
  • Poor attitudes to learning
  • Ruralisation and high local unemployment