Aims and Values



“We all play our part to achieve excellence in everything”

Christian values are at the heart of our journey together at the Pilgrim Federation.

Love and compassion for others; kindness, tolerance and respect are the cornerstone of our learning community.

Staff, parents, governors, children and the local community all play their part in learning and achieving excellence in everything that we do.

We believe that learning should be creative, innovative, inspirational and irresistible.

The Pilgrim Federation Prayer

A prayer for the formation of the Pilgrim Federation of Church of England Schools written by The Right Reverend Graham James, Lord Bishop of Norwich.

God of truth and love,

we pray that you will bless our schools

where we come to learn about your world.

Help us to grow together as your children.

Give us faith when things are difficult,

hope when we need encouragement

and joy when we do well.